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A Marmoset Mama

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Dr. K gives a new primate owner some good advice about proper care for a marmoset monkey. DR. K'S EXOTIC ANIMAL ER AIRS SATURDAYS at 10P.

Звуци на Китове и Делфини цели 11 часа

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Ако сте любители на природата и животните този клип е специален поздрав от нас за вас. В него ще чуете цели 11 часа невероятните звуци които издават делфините и китовете, звуците на морето, океана.

The Cutest Flying Rodent

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Wait until you see just how adorable this flying squirrel is - and how far it can glide! SUPER SQUIRREL AIRS SUNDAY MARCH 8 at 10P.

Beach Master Battle Royale

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Two bull seals get into a bloody battle for mating rights with a female. ANIMAL FIGHT NIGHT: BATTLE BULLIES AIRS FRIDAY FEBRUARY 13 at 10P.

Sea Turtle Nesting Grounds

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Olive Ridley sea turtles come ashore in the annual mass-nesting event called an "arribada." WILD COSTA RICA AIRS SUNDAY JANUARY 25 at 8P.

Powerful Pack Hunters

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A gray wolf pack dominates in its territory. WORLD'S DEADLIEST AIRS FRIDAYS at 9P.

Python Power

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Mike and Simone wrangle a large python. SNAKE CITY PREMIERES FRIDAY NOVEMBER 14 at 10P

Out of the Shadows

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At night, our urban gardens come alive with very different and elusive creatures. SECRET GARDEN AIRS SUNDAY MARCH 22 at 10P.

Pond Stars: Beyond the Pond: Time for Turtles

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Greg is hired to do his dream project. POND STARS PREMIERES TUE SEP 9 at 10P.

Sharke Diem!

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The expedition team finds a group of sharks and dive in for a closer look. AFRICA'S WILD COAST AIRS TUE APR 22 at 8P.

Static Electric Spider Web | Spider House

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Spider webs attract insects with an amazing electric charge. THE AMAZING SPIDER HOUSE AIRS SUNDAY APRIL 12 8/7c.

Attitude is Everything

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Dog owner, Takis, refuses to admit that his dogs are out of control, forcing Cesar to intervene. CESAR 911 AIRS FRIDAYS at 9P.

Millipede Mustard Repellent

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Lemurs use millipede secretions to repel predators and enjoy its intoxication. WORLD'S WEIRDEST AIRS FRIDAYS at 9P.

Dancing Lemurs | Land of the Lemurs

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These striking lemurs show-off their very particular way of getting around. LAND OF THE LEMURS AIRS SUNDAY APRIL 19 10/9c.

Eagles Gone Fishing | The Eagles

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Eagles in Russia flee the frozen inland areas and head to the coast where they must compete for fish. THE EAGLES AIRS SUNDAY MAY 10 at 10/9c.

Coffee Break With Dr. Pol Ep.10: That’s a Wrap!

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Grab one last cup of coffee with Dr. Pol. This week, see how Pudding the sheep is healing, Dr. Pol discusses the trickiest injuries, and we meet Diane's loyal rescue dog. Until next time... good night, good luck, and ...

Rolling with the Chicks

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Roo, a two-legged chihuahua is best friends with another two-legged animal ... Penny, a silkie chicken. A NEW SEASON OF UNLIKELY ANIMAL FRIENDS PREMIERES FRIDAY FEBRUARY 27 at 10P.

Polments: Puppy Time

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One of the members of Dr. Pol's crew brings her adorable puppy into the clinic for a visit. THE INCREDIBLE DR. POL AIRS SATURDAYS at 9P.

Puppy Probe

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Dr. Pol vaccinates two new puppies, one that was stepped on by its owner. THE INCREDIBLE DR. POL AIRS SATURDAYS at 9P.

Behind the Scenes: Man v. Lion

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A metal cage protects Boone and the film crew from the Lion's teeth and claws but it can't protect them from its scent markings. MAN V. LION AIRS FRIDAY NOVEMBER 28 at 9P.

Freaky Feathers

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Dr. K’s bird Xander isn't feeling well and while she’s out of town he will stay at the clinic for bird-sitting. DR. K'S EXOTIC ANIMAL ER AIRS SATURDAYS at 10P.

Rocking and Rolling

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A four thousand pound rock is pushing the equipment to the limits and the guys only have one chance to get it right. POND STARS AIRS TUESDAYS at 10P.

Down the Drain

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Francis and Mat have to drain an aquarium without killing any of the fish. FISH TANK KINGS AIRS WEDNESDAYS at 10P.

Shark Tagging | Aloha Vet

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Dr. Scott is on a shark tagging expedition with a research team from the University of Hawaii. They hook a 9’ tiger shark, but keeping it on the line is a challenge. ALOHA VET AIRS SATURDAYS 9/8c.

Dr. Oakley, Road Warrior

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Dr. Michelle Oakley travels far and wide to treat the animals of the Yukon. DR. OAKLEY, YUKON VET PREMIERES SAT APR 12 AT 9P.

OPP, Oh No Not Me!

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Natalie finds out that a dangerous sheep disease called OPP might have infected her flock. SHEAR MADNESS PREMIERES SAT MAR 1 at 10P.

Maggot Mania

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A doctor puts live maggots in a man's open wound in order to save his foot from amputation. WORLD'S WEIRDEST AIRS FRIDAYS at 9P.

The Pounce | The Truth About Cats

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Footage of a cat named Saphie before and after she attacks her "prey" reveals the unique mechanics of a cat's pounce. THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AIRS FRIDAYS at 10/9c.

A Horse of Another Color

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Diane joins Dr. Pol on a farm call to check a young zebra. THE INCREDIBLE DR. POL AIRS SATURDAYS at 9P.

Baby Bear Trio’s First Winter

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A Polar bear mom and her three cubs explore their frozen world after awakening from hibernation. BEARHOOD AIRS SUNDAY FEBRUARY 22 at 8p.

Dr. Pol Client Tales: Melissa Croll

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Dr. Pol has been Melissa Croll's family vet for decades. THE INCREDIBLE DR. POL AIRS SATURDAYS at 9P.

A Parrotbill Turns Cuckoo

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A mother cuckoo swaps her egg with a parrotbill and leaves it up to her to feed and raise as her own. WORLD'S DEADLIEST AIRS FRIDAYS at 9P.

Dinner Bell

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It is dinner time in Uganda’s Murchison Falls National Park. THE NILE AIRS SUNDAY NOVEMBER 16 FROM 8-10P.

Meet the Barefoot Vet | Aloha Vet

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Get to know the man who's taking the veterinary practice of the islands by storm. ALOHA VET AIRS SATURDAYS at 9P.

Baxter the Bruiser

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Dr. Brenda checks a dog named Baxter after being hit by a truck. THE INCREDIBLE DR. POL AIRS SATURDAYS at 9P.

Fishin’ Impossible: Moon Jelly Madness

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Francis needs to catch dozens of moon jellyfish for a client - can he net them all without too many stings? FISH TANK KINGS AIRS MONDAYS at 9P.

Muskrat: Freeloader or Helper? | Kingdom of the North

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A squatting muskrat helps its beaver host weatherproof his home. KINGDOM OF THE NORTH IS A TWO NIGHT EVENT STARTING SUNDAY APRIL 5 at 9/8c.

Cesar’s Nuggets of Wisdom Part 6

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Cesar reflects on lessons learned from recent clients. CESAR 911 AIRS FRIDAYS at 9P.

Lizard Mimics Spitting Beetle

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Different species mate when given the opportunity. WORLD'S WEIRDEST AIRS FRIDAYS at 9P.

Net Nightmares

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Both Captain Taylor and Captain Dino have trouble with their nets and it slows down their pulls. ALASKA FISH WARS PREMIERES MON JAN 13 at 9P.

Two-Legged Babe Gets Wheels | Aloha Vet

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Dr. Scott is fitting a two-legged Chihuahua, Babe, for a new set of wheels. Babe gets around just fine for now, but as she gets older her owner wants to give her every opportunity to age gracefully. ALOHA VET AIRS SA...

Пролетен Дъжд с Пеене на Птици 10 часа – Дар от природата

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Всеки които обича да се докосва до природата ще оцени високо този клип. В него ще можете да чуете 10 часа как приятно вали пролетен дъжд и как птичките пеят. Един истински дар от природата.

Apartment Complex Bullies

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A neighbor arranges for Emily and Jay to bring their dogs into the courtyard so Cesar can intervene on their bad behavior. CESAR 911 AIRS FRIDAYS at 9P.

Midnight Munchers

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When night falls, the forest creatures get the “munchies.” WILD AUSTRALIA IS A TWO-NIGHT EVENT THAT PREMIERES SUNDAY FEBRUARY 15 at 9P.

Polments: Gone Vintage

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Dr. Pol and Charles struggle to get an old exam table into a new room. THE INCREDIBLE DR. POL AIRS SATURDAYS at 9P.

Prairie Dogs Nightmare!

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Prairie dogs sleep comfortably in their den until a hungry badger comes along. They have to use the escape tunnel to survive. COUGAR COUNTRY AIRS SUNDAY DECEMBER 21 at 9P.

Mamba Mash-up

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Simone and Mike snagged a mamba hiding under a pool pump. SNAKE CITY PREMIERES FRIDAY NOVEMBER 14 at 10P

Birds of a Feather | The Himalayas

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Bar-headed geese are the highest-flying birds in the world. But their amazing ability comes at a price. THE HIMALAYAS AIRS SUNDAY MARCH 29 at 9P.

How Are They Now? Dr. Pol Updates: Rambo

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Dr. Pol won the heart of Matt Coblentz when he was a young boy, and he hasn't wanted to work with any other vet ever since. THE INCREDIBLE DR. POL AIRS SATURDAYS at 9P.

A Different Kind of Beach Bash | Battlefield Patagonia

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On the beaches of Patagonia’s southern shore, two giants clash for the right to mate with a harem of blubbery sirens. BATTLEFIELD PATAGONIA AIRS SUNDAY MARCH 29 at 10P.

Saving Cubs from their Dads

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THROWBACK THURSDAY dives in the Nat Geo WILD video archive. Male bears sometimes kill dependent cubs in order to mate with their mothers, so the females are on high alert.

Cesar 911: Case File: Moos

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Cesar comes to a local diner to prove that there is hope for getting the Moos under control. CESAR 911 AIRS FRIDAYS at 9P.

Dr. Pol Blog: The Doctor on a Stick

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The crew of Dr. Pol adds an extra appendage to everybody's favorite vet. THE INCREDIBLE DR. POL AIRS SATURDAYS at 9P.

Frog Cryogenics | Everything You Didn’t Know About Animals

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Uncover the mystery of a frog that comes back to life after being frozen solid! EVERYTHING YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT ANIMALS AIRS MONDAYS 10/9C.

Toby the Explosive Terrier

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Cesar suspects that Toby’s bad behavior is feeding off his owner’s nervous energy. CESAR 911 AIRS FRIDAYS at 9P.

Coffee Break With Dr. Pol Ep. 7: Let’s Do This!

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Dive deeper into the life of the vet that we all have come to know and love. This week, see how the alpaca crias are doing, find out why Dr. Pol became a vet, and meet the Pol's incredibly friendly Frisian horses. TH...

Cubs in Training

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Lynx cubs get a lesson in hunting but they still have a lot to learn. MYSTERY OF THE LYNX AIRS SUNDAY FEBRUARY 8 at 8P.

Mama’s Milk Fever

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Dr. Brenda tries to save a mother suffering from milk fever, whose calf is in immediate need of feeding. THE INCREDIBLE DR. POL AIRS SATURDAYS at 9P.

Man v. Lion’s Boone Smith

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Boone Smith is a 4th generation wildlife tracker who has traveled the world helping scientists study big cats. He's about to get closer to these amazing predators than ever before. MAN V. LION AIRS FRIDAY NOVEMBER 28...

Maverick’s Gooey Tummy

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Dr. Oakley treats a horse with a nasty stomach abscess. DR. OAKLEY: YUKON VET NEW SEASON PREMIERES SATURDAY NOVEMBER 1 at 9P.

A Turtle Helper

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A turtle at the clinic needs a blood transfusion in order to make her a good surgical candidate. DR. K'S EXOTIC ANIMAL ER AIRS SATURDAYS at 10P.

Fishin’ Impossible: A Snorkeler’s Dream

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The Fish Tank Kings are tasked with turning a dingy, old snorkeling aquarium into a fish-lover's paradise. FISH TANK KINGS AIRS WEDNESDAYS at 10P.

A Spring Awakening | Kingdom of the North

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Spring arrives in Canada, creating a productive ecosystem for sea plants and animals. KINGDOM OF THE NORTH IS A TWO NIGHT EVENT STARTING SUNDAY APRIL 5 at 9/8c.

Dr. Oakley, Vet to All Things

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All creatures great and small, Dr. Oakley treats them all. DR. OAKLEY, YUKON VET PREMIERES SAT APR 12 AT 9P.

Beached Whales

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Hundreds of whales suddenly beach themselves on King Island in Tasmania at an alarming rate. WORLD'S WEIRDEST AIRS FRIDAYS at 9P.

Alpaca Special Delivery

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The Denickers arrive to move the alpacas only to witness one giving birth. WE MOVE ANIMALS PREMIERES SAT JAN 18 at 10P.

An Amazing Bear Rescue | Animals Gone Wild

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A black bear’s head is miraculously freed from a 30 lb. milk can. ANIMALS GONE WILD AIRS MONDAYS 9/8c.

Coffee Break With Dr. Pol Ep. 9: Racing Chickens

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Come have coffee with America's favorite vet. This week, the doc dishes out advice for aspiring vets and introduces us to his chickens. THE INCREDIBLE DR. POL AIRS SATURDAYS at 9P.

Dr. Pol Client Tales: Popeye the Rabbit

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Popeye the bunny has a condition that makes it tough for him to eat; as always, Dr. Pol is there to help. THE INCREDIBLE DR. POL AIRS SATURDAYS at 9P.

Holy Lamb Hock!

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Dr. Brenda tries to set a young lamb straight. THE INCREDIBLE DR. POL AIRS SATURDAYS at 9P.

Jules’ Problem Pregnancy

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Dr. Brenda tries to help a tabby cat named Jules deliver the last of her litter. A NEW SEASON OF THE INCREDIBLE DR. POL PREMIERES SATURDAY JANUARY 10 at 9P.

Nile’s Exotic Creatures

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The Nile river meanders through lush rainforest, harboring an array of unique creatures. THE NILE AIRS SUNDAY NOVEMBER 16 FROM 8-10P.