Kayaks are a developing trend in the realm of fishing, offering anglers an inexpensive and fun approach to venture out beyond the shore.

Before manufacturers started designing kayaks specifically to fish, it required quite a touch of expertise and practice to get the hang of catching fish without tipping over. Modern fishing kayaks, however, are designed for soundness. Many are so stable, actually, they enable the user to angle while holding up!

Likewise with any vessel, however, fishing kayaks aren’t a one-size-fits-all item. The frame shape, length, and width differ, and you’ll need to choose the correct one for you. Thin, longer models are better for long journeys (called „visiting“), because they require less effort to paddle. Wider models are generally more stable, however aren’t as quick or easy to paddle.

On account of that, there are numerous that perform well over all categories. They’re notable for their expansive appeal, versatility, and unique features. We’ve discovered the best fishing kayaks on the market at this moment, and weighed their strengths against their weaknesses.

Keep reading to discover the winners:
The Malibu Kayak Stealth 14 comes packed with huge amounts of useful features for now’s fishermen, yet it genuinely shines in terms of solidness and freight space.

The Stealth is 14 feet, 4 inches long, and 32 inches at its widest point. The structure shape is better suited for dependability, yet users say the Stealth tracks well and is relatively easy to paddle. It’s equally at home in rivers, level lakes, and the rough surf, as indicated by owners.

As mentioned before, the Stealth 14 comes with loads of space for anglers to store their gear. There’s a Gator bring forth in the bow that additionally doubles as a seat for little ones, and a bungeed well at the stern that can hold a 5 gallon goad bucket.

One of the coolest features of the Stealth 14 is the patented „live trap tank“ in the center. This container has a connect that lets to water to filter in and flush out, enabling the fisherman to store live snare in the console. Alternatively, you can leave the module and use the center container as another water-tight storage space.


As a testament to this present model’s security, users can easily remain on the throwing stage of this one. While many fishing kayaks compromise a great deal of speed and maneuverability for strength, owners assert that this one finds a strong middle ground. It has superb dependability, yet despite everything it slices directly through the water and turns easily. That makes it a substantially more navigable choice than numerous clunkier fishing models.

Reviewers were likewise enormous aficionados of the measure of gear they could pack into the Stealth. The ample storage space means anglers at no time in the future have to pick which equipment to bring, and what to leave behind. It has ports on both sides for putting away supplies, gear, apparatuses and snacks.

The „live snare“ console is another very prominent feature, and reviewers say it additionally makes a great cooler. You can fill it with water or earth for live trap, or with ice for keeping drinks locally available without hauling an external cooler.

Both experts and beginners love the Malibu Stealth. The strength makes it easy to get the hang of, however the quality means that beginners may never need to purchase another.


A few users noted that the payload hatches tended to leak. Apparently, this is an issue with the older models that Malibu fixed, and a significant number of these objections came before the update.

However, a modest bunch of reviewers stated their hatches still leaked after the update. Grievances were few and far between, yet at the same time important. Fortunately, Malibu offers a lifetime guarantee on the Stealth 14.


Most by far of users, whether they were experts or novices, give this model a perfect or near-perfect rating. The Malibu Kayaks Stealth 14 is our top pick at its strong balance of cost and performance, exceptional soundness, ample storage space and numerous useful extra features.

Whether you’re a beginner searching for a brilliant kayak with an easy learning curve, or a professional searching for a great all-around fishing model to take your weekends on the water to the next level, you’ll be glad that you purchased the Stealth 14.

2. Hobie Mirage Outback

Hobie Mirage

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In case you’re hoping to invest more of your assets in your fishing kayak, our favorite top of the line model is the Hobie Mirage Outback.

What makes this one genuinely interesting is its „Hobie Mirage Drive“— a unique pedaling feature not seen in numerous other models. While the Mirage Outback can be paddled like some other fishing kayak, users can likewise select to use a set of pedals located before the seat to steer and move around. This leaves your hands free to fish.

At 33 inches wide, the Mirage Outback is likewise very stable, and is most at home in large bodies of water like lakes. It additionally comes with a retractable rudder for better following and maneuverability.

The Mirage Outback likewise comes packed with huge amounts of excellent features, including pole holders, a gear bucket and a freight area. In the event that you feel like switching up your drifting routine a bit, the Mirage Outback additionally comes with a sail mount.


While the possibility of pedals on a kayak may conjure up dreams of moderate moving and cumbersome paddle vessels, all reviewers were enormous enthusiasts of the MirageDrive feature. Owners assert that the MirageDrive is a speedy and convenient approach to get around that allowed them to keep their hands free to fish. After everything, you can barely cast a line with a paddle in your grasp!

The pedals make this one an excellent choice for people who need to angle a river without floating steadily downstream. You can pedal yourself in place while you angle. Previous buyers said the pedals are likewise a more convenient approach to move against high winds.

The seat on this model is another widely praised feature. It’s adjustable, enabling users to set the most ergonomic position for paddling or pedaling. The seat likewise has lumbar support—great news for fishermen with terrible backs. It’s an a great deal more comfortable design than other models at this price, and also more expensive alternatives.

Similarly as with the Stealth 14, reviewers of the Mirage Outback noted the steadiness of this one, which they say can handle currents and wakes easily.

Owners additionally love the measure of accessible payload that the Outback provides. With pockets, pole holders and storage space, this model enables you to bring all the gear you need for the ride. It’s even wider than the Stealth 14, and has a wide range of different storage alternatives. There are cupholders of different sizes, cubbies on the highest point of the frame, bungee pockets, and some extra hatches all through the body. You’ll additionally have the rear well and long running shelves for general storage.


The price of this model will likely be the principle downside for customers. Despite the fact that few owners regret the purchase, the Mirage Outback is in no way, shape or form an inexpensive model.

For some, the non-customary pedaling choice may not be appealing.

The Mirage Outback is on the heavier side, and paddling long distances will become a chore. The weight likewise makes it more hard to move ashore without anyone else, so some kayakers may need to enlist the help of a friend .


One of the most interesting top of the line kayaks around, nearly every reviewer was content with their purchase of the Hobie Mirage Outback. This kayak is quick, stable, and enables anglers to angle in a hurry without the help of an engine.

It may not be for everyone, but rather for expert anglers hoping to maximize their performance on their next kayak trip, the Mirage Outback is absolutely justified regardless of a look.



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